Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Day

After running all the errands that have been accumulating on my " to do " list today, I sat down to finish some rosaries for the shop. All the sterling silver centers and crucifixes are pieces that I cast from antique pieces. Nothing relaxes me quite like the gentle zen act of making a rosary. The studio is quiet, no music or television, and as I turn and wrap and link I think each bead is made with a prayer uttered from my lips and certainly from my soul.

When I sit in the living room late in the evening as everyone else is sleeping or off doing their own thing, I ramble in a doodle. My mind wanders and the pen leaps at the chance to put the thoughts down on paper. You can see all the ramblings here. It's always a surprise to me when sometimes days or weeks later I look back at these doodles and wonder where my mind had been!

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Elaine said...

How beautiful your rosaries are. I have never seen one this close and had no idea they are so lovely. Makes me want to put one in my window, but some would probably not think it appropriate. still, it would look so pretty with the sun shining on it...