Saturday, September 18, 2010

As A Rule....

I do not like spiders. I would rather have a tooth pulled, scrub a bathroom or dump the litter box than be anywhere near a spider of any size. I do not even go into Jacob's classroom because the tarantula named Rosie, " only escapes once in awhile, Mom " lives there so imagine my surprise at this nicely water jeweled web outside my studio.

I had dashed outside to the studio yesterday on my way to the shop ( again ) to grab a few things and the web was not visible until I came out of the studio door and the light caught the glittery water droplets just right. They looked like beads, maybe even like a piece of jewelry I would wear.

Pause Lois, in the beginning of a busy day, just pause and enjoy the little moments of beauty that spring upon you. Even if the beauty lies within a spider web.

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