Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Portrait Self

Do we really not care? I have heard newscasters and television personalities say that we, as Americans, as people, do not care about the oil leak in the gulf and the tragedy that it is. No one seems to know how to fix it. Not the president, not scientists not engineers, not it appears, even God. Have we come to this that we would allow so much to be destroyed, a destruction that will last for decades? I am sad and sick and frustrated in my impotence and angry that so many things are dying. A way of life, family run industry and jobs,marshes, wetlands, animals, fish, people. I am so, so, so angry. Aren't you?

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Pat said...

Lois, I agree about the disaster in the's infuriating. One of the things that is getting me is that people expect it to be fixed 'right this minute.' I hate that it happened, but feel we need more will take time and lots of money. Oh, I hope they can plug that hole pretty soon and then, that we all make sure that 'those that can...DO' fix matter how long it takes.
I appreciate you visiting my blog today and I've been enjoying yours those little shell flowers. Your work is very nice!! Have a lovely weekend...pat