Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Felted Vessel

I swear I love felting! This is a little crocheted bowl and top that has been felted and embellished with shell flowers, sequins, vintage lucite leaves and glass beads. I made it as a sample for B&B and to show off the flowers I will be selling. I am beginning to feel some excitement for B&B and seeing old friends, new beads and lots of inspiring bead work!

A closeup of the little shell flowers that I am so addicted to using in my bead embroidery. This is part of the display for the Bead & Button show. All the flowers are made of shell, abalone or amythest.


lisa said...

It's cute, but kind of reminds me of Kermit with his eyes shut on acid. L

Lois Venarchick said...

How did you know what I was consuming while I worked on it? HAHAHAHAHA

Beth said...

Wow...this Felted Vessel looks awesome. I have never seen anything like it. Keep on posting.