Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If I had turkeys I would have painted them for my November display window but alas, I only had my favorite bird, the CROW! These are all shiny and jet black and ready to go.I also zinged them up with a deep melon felt on their bases so no scratches from them. I still have two more to paint but these babies get heavy. They are concrete!

A mess of drawings! All my most recent drawings and paintings stacked together before being slid into the portfolio to await eventual picture framing. I love the way all the colors and patterns look layered up and facing in different directions. It's a painting unto itself!

The new table that I have finished painting for the shop with Jacob smiling through its middle. I had wooden letters that spelled out " BEADS " so I painted them and added them down the side. A three dimensional effect plus if a customer should forget they are in the bead shop; it is a subtle reminder! HAHA!

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