Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween Photo Collection

Halloween has come and gone and I think it was the first time in decades that I had even a smidge of interest in the day. It makes me miss my Grandpop, my mother's dad. He used to gather and collect things all year long to decorate his enormous front porch. There were lights, pumpkins, life sized scary figures, corn stalks, headless horseman, ghosts and much more. He was very creative and became a big kid again. He served, dressed in a costume, hotdogs and sauerkraut along with candy treats and to the adults, hot coffee and donuts. Halloween in Doylestown was not Halloween with out a stop at " Jim's ". After you passed the ancient cemetery in front of the old Presbyterian church you came upon Grandpop's house. You entered the property by the stone pump house, pass the castle block wall, around the semicircular driveway, under the giant pine and horse chestnut trees ringing the drive. What an extravaganza and only now do I realize just how much work he put into it and what it meant for my community.My face is smiling at the memory but my heart aches mightily for missing him.

Phil's pumpkin. Jacob was too sick to carve and had lost all interest in Halloween so Phil created this work of art. He was quite proud because he asked me to take a picture several times. He ( the pumpkin, surely not Phil ) is a right jolly guy!

The very fabulous Gina in her shrunken skeleton and skull necklace made by yours truly. She looks Mahvelous! Just malevolently mahvelous!

The jolly green, eyes on top of my head, can I get this camera to work Kathy. She was an excellent shade of ghoulie green!

The Crecca Family who came into the building calling very eerily, " Looois...Loooo-is Looooois ". Zombie Joe!

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Elaine said...

What a wonderful memory of your Grandpop, funny, my mom's dad was a "Grandpop" as well! Loved the photo of Kathy, if not for the hair, I wouldn't have recognized her!