Monday, November 9, 2009

The guys are safely home from Portland where they had a terrific show and did a great job. They were even still relaxed and glad to see me when they got home. Jacob was thrilled because he was able to eat at Jack in the Box multiple times in Portland! Yum! It is one of his favorites and forbidden at home. Of course, we do not even have one of " those " places nearby and that is FINE with me! I am glad to have them home.

The boy/man child of the hour - Jacob sitting behind the display. Phil said he worked really hard and handled sales by himself. He also is a whiz at measuring and calculating chain costs.

Phil at the tables in Portland. I really love this building, the Montgomery Plaza. It's the old Montgomery Wards corporate building and it is all restored and just beautiful, even if it leaked like a sieve over the weekend. I like the glass encased elevators surrounded by plants, artwork and cozy sofas and chairs.

Here is a shot of part of the table display at the show in Portland. I am particularly fond of Phil's display of the cardboard box sitting on the tabletop with a sale sign in it. Now that is pure class!!

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