Monday, August 17, 2009

Late summer reminds me of the hot romances I had when I was young and still in high school and college. How you would meet someone, share the summer and end it by the time school started in the fall. What better to go with a summer fling than a cool car? I saw this car on the way to Portland in the parking lot of the Denny's in Chehalis. The colors were so bright that they leapt from the surface of the car even on this misty day. I could ride in that car, baby!

Already it is Monday and August is half over. I think this is my least favorite month. No holidays, the weather is often hot and dry, dry, dry and town is taken over by visitors. I usually look for all the familiar signs that summer is ending and what the winter will bring. I make these great and often memorable predictions.A prediction that is still formulating in my head for winter 09.

I worked in my shop tonight after it was closed. Phil went with me as I am still hesitant to drive or be alone for too long. I worked for nearly two and a half hours and it felt great! My shop is my favorite place to be, a friend that is my constant if needy companion. I put new things out, made lists of what needs to be done, cleaned, tidied and just played. I have certainly missed being there! I am maybe more tired than usual and my leg aches but I am so glad I had the chance to be there!

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