Saturday, August 15, 2009

I wanted to open this blog with something quiet and thoughtful. Something from my observations of daily life. Then I remembered this picture I took last Wednesday morning of the swallows gathering in the mist for their annual migration south for the winter. Such a pretty voice they made! It is a few weeks early Greg said. They have been gathering over the years on the power lines outside his barn and now they are fat, fluffed and ready for their long journey back.

Lita has come and gone and for the first time since my TIA ( what a sweet name for a stroke ); I am alone. I am not afraid anymore of walking although I am a bit unsteady and wobbly. I am rapidly getting tired of being at home, of feeling fragile of questioning every ache and pain and twinge that I have. I am appreciative I am still me. I do not want to change although I will be more careful in my diet and take the pills that the neurologist says I must. I think that I am fine and then I read in today's local paper of a woman just 45 who has died of a stroke! Oh my gosh! I feel lucky! To be here, to be loved by family and friends, to feel so blessed in doing what I love, to trust the people who work with and for me .... may I never forget this wonderful feeling!

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