Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Fine Kettle of Stinking Fish!

I can't think of anything more gross than rotting, stinking fish so that is the image I am applying to the posting on my blog today. All was well at Sock Summit, a long uneventful journey home and an evening of unpacking the suitcase and catching up on things when BLAM! at 11:30 I had a stroke! A mini stroke and now life at least for now is altered. I won't post a lot today because I do not know a lot. I spent Sunday night in the PT ER and then at 2 am was transferred to Swedish Hospital in Seattle in the longest, most miserable ride of my life. The Jefferson County Fire Department guys were great but ambulances ride like they are on ball bearings on potholed roads. I came home last night after a zillion tests, and I am still not diagnosed or cured and more tests loom on the horizon. Now, I have a neurologist that I need to see in 10 days or less plus another CT scan and another MRI. All this and one crappy insurance policy leaves me a bit stressed out. No one said to avoid stress at least. I am trying to view all of this as adventure and opportunity but it is trying. I will keep you posted on my blog, the pretty, the not so pretty, the triumphs and the tribulations of my journey. Right now, I would be happy to walk without assistance again!

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