Saturday, July 4, 2009


The best fireworks show that I have ever seen was the event held in Washington, DC in 1976 to celebrate our nation's Bicentennial. I had a view from the roof top of the old Naval Medical Center building and I looked out over the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. I could see almost the entire mall from that perch. The show, presided over by President Ford went on forever. It was my first BIG CITY fireworks show and even now as I think about the spectacular lights in the sky; my breath catches in my throat. The show ended that very warm, dark, cloudless evening with a laser light show of green rays emanating from the top of the Washington Monument. You could hear the enormous crowds spread out on the mall gasping and oooo-ing. ( It WAS 1976 and lasers were very new science. ) As we walked back to our car or however we came to downtown, I don't really remember, ( It WAS the 70's after all ! ) I thought I will never forget this night in the nation's capital and the patriotism this incredible show ignited in me. So, Happy Independence Day to all of us! Long may we live freely!!

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