Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is a sweet picture of Phil and his youngest granddaughter, Eliza. She lives in Utah. I think, they look sweet in their matching pink shirts! We are older now and once there would have been pictures of our grandparents with us as babies on their laps. Sometimes the circle of life comes full around and you can see it so clearly that you are certain that you are looking far off into the future.

I was thinking today of a time when I first moved to Port Townsend and had a 4 person party line for my phone service. Just think, four people! It seems so very long ago but it was less than 30 years this summer. What would the kids of today, even my own kids, think of that? You didn't need to be on line to know what was going on in your neighbor's lives! How things have truly changed. I wouldn't always call these changes positive progress but it is amazing nonetheless.

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