Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tucson - The Journey Begins!

It is very early morning in my household and everyone is still asleep. I tried to get Regina, my faithful dog, to come out into the dining room with me while I blogged on the internet but she got up, walked out here, gave me the evil furry eye and went back to her bed! Such companionship!

I am as always, anxious to get my trip underway. I wish this truly were the Star Trek generation and I could " transport " myself there without needing a plane flight or storing away my car in Seattle. The weather seems pretty mild now in Tucson and the night time temps are reading colder than PT. That means I can sleep with the windows open and have the room be naturally chilly!

In just a bit I will get together my knitting, reading materials and sketching supplies for my stay. I spend more time choosing these things than packing my clothes! I don't always have time to work on things but it is really nice to have them all with me for those few moments when I can. It all helps de- stress me!

I may not get much of a chance to blog from Tucson but I will take lotsof pictures to post on my arrival home. I don't travel with my ancient laptop as it is sweet, bitter sweet, to be away from it; to concentrate on the show and my inner life ( ! ) in my free time. Wish me luck and I will see you all in 2 weeks! xo, Lois

p.s. Here are 2 awesome pictures of Tucson. I do love that place, the dessert, the colors in the air, the pop of light and the change, a really BIG change in scenery.

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