Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Almost Done by Default

This is a little pen and ink drawing I did nearly 2o years ago ( no, can it really be that long ago? ) that I used for a gallery opening I had. It is a self portrait of Lois and corn. I love drawing corn and this was supposed to be MY corn; grown by me but of course, here in the pacific northwest you can't grow corn! I like having this little reminder of a younger me on my website, which is where you will find the picture and in my office, where the original is located. One of these days I will draw a new me. I wonder how she will appear and what might be in her new basket!
The time is coming quickly, way too quickly, for me to leave for Tucson. Soon there will be no more time to make that one more piece of jewelry, design one more charm, make one more sign or banner. It is always a little sad when it comes time to leave the comfort of my home and creativity of my studio and hit the road. And did I mention the clothes packing? I hate choosing clothes and packing them for a trip. I look at my closet and say, fine, I will take these 6 shirts but then maybe I will want this one, and maybe it will be cold enough to wear that one and maybe this one will be comfortable on a busy day and maybe this one... and the list is endless and soon I need a moving truck to take everything with me. Not to mention that I need to choose which knitting projects to take, hoping that it will be waaay too busy to knit and sketchbooks and drawing materials. No, I can't take the entire studio so what to take? Hmmmm... anyhow all small dilemmas and I will be on my way to warmer, sunnier climates!

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