Thursday, November 6, 2008


This wraps up today's blog entries as I must dash about like a mad woman and get ready for our annual bead shop sale. I hope everyone's spirits are lifted after the election and that they will shop with joy and abandon. Much love, Lois This is the delightful Ms. Cox who was my neighbor in Portland. I wish we had more time to get to know each other because she was terrific even if we did covet her table! We really liked her beads and I hope we are next to each other sometime soon.
Peter and kelly from San Francisco Arts & Crafts have been in the business just a shade longer than me and we have a great time yacking at the shows. It is amazing to me how well you can get to know people when your conversations are limited to a few moments between customers.
Carol from Montana Reflections has the best nose for finding really cool beads considering she is pretty much in the middle of nowhere!
Donna Ballard and her husband, Leonard from Not Just Beads at the same show. Donna does amazing lampworked beads and I am pleased to carry them in my shop. I can't say too much right now though as it could spoil Christmas gifts for friends!
THis is my friend Ed from Empyrean Beads at the Portland show. I just love spending time with him and talking about beads and business. He has a great sense of humor!
I do not know if it is just me or this damn dinosaur of a laptop but it has taken me nearly an hour to sign into this account! Why oh why, does a comapny that provides a service like this blog, not make it easy to contact them for help? I would even pay if I could get the necessary advice. Oh well, on that bitter and sour note I begin this blog a new with todya's post!

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