Monday, November 10, 2008

The annual shop sale is over and the interior of my store is nearly put back together. It was great fun and so nice to see everyone in spite of the blowing rains and howling wind. We can't complain too much about the weather though; it has been pretty balmy with temps in the mid 50's all the way up to 60 one day! Gasp - and it is November!

Tomorrow is a work all day or rather a play day for me at the shop. I want to do some sprucing up before the big Turkey Day. It's hard to believe that it is nearly mid November with Thanksgiving rapidly approaching and Christmas not too far behind.

Finished a really nice story early this morning around 4 am. A work of fiction titled THE SINGLE WIFE. Very good read and so well put together, it was hard to believe it was the author's first novel.

Off to dreamland for me this evening. Lois

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