Friday, October 31, 2008

Here in Portland

We made it to Portland and I need to say I was very glad that someone else was driving in the pouring rain as between the rain on the windshield and the spray from the big trucks; I could not see a thing! Jacob kept himself busy by watching his portable DVD player and for the umpteemth time, watching Jurassic Park. Remember when you were a kid and the only thing you could do on a 4 hour car trip was look at scenery and count license plates?

The weather is beautiful here in Portland though and I had a great turkey burger at Besaw's tonight, a local restaurant in a small vintage service station. Phil had chicken and waffles with maple syrup from Vermont. He had never heard of eating fried chicken and waffles together. I told him it was a wonderful old souther treat! I managed a bite or two and it was great!

Gotta run, evidentally taking Jake to Powell's huge book store was not enough to keep him from bugging me right now. He HAS to check his emails now, my Mr. Popularity! Goodnight from the Rose City, Lois

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