Thursday, October 30, 2008

Around Here

this is one of my silver charm necklaces that Andrea and Phil were experimenting with taking pictures of. They were trying to capture the silver charms in great detail and I think it looks pretty good. Now I just need to buy all the fancy stuff to become the photographer that my famous college photography teacher said I would never become! Oh, if he could only have seen into the future of cameras and the digital explosion! Now, I am off to Portland, Oregon early in the morning for the Portland Bead Society show and sale. We are leaving extra early so Jacob can get to Powell's Bookstore and their acres of new and used books. His list is a long one! Good Night! xo, Lois

Then of course, here are more trees in their autumn splendor. This time from Bainbridge Island. They are magnificent in their firey colors. ( Here's also to my friend Gina who spent many youthful summers with her grandparents on this island she refers to as BRAINDEAD Island. ) Makes me laugh!
This is the mess of new beads on my studio floor. I love dumping them in a pile and carefully walking around them for a few days or longer as they " age ". After the appropriate time passes, only then can I begin to sort them for the shop or shows or jewelry or the web site. It is great fun and for a while I feel bead rich with my pirate's plunder!

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