Sunday, August 31, 2008

It is Labor Day weekend and believe me; I have labored! Working in the shop long days, cleaning out the fridge at work of unidentifiable green hairy food, ( who knew cheese could turn such colors? ), chasing after customer's pets whether they be the four or two legged kind and trying to keep up with all that needs to be done. I swear, I am the queen of list making and now another thing to do has come my way ... coming up with a theme involving bees and cats for next year's county fair. Oh, and I have to keep it clean, kids are involved, so no birds and the bees jokes. Maybe in dreamland tonight an idea will drift into my head.

I did manage to finish knitting 2 baby hats though out of Koigu wool. I love that yarn but don't stock it in my yarn shop as the company NEVER returns calls! Sheesh... now I am working in Noro wool which I DO carry in my DIVA shop. I love to knit with small needles and skinny yarn. If only knitting would burn an extraordinary amount of calories. Lois

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