Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love it when my friend Lita visits! We laugh, talk all at once and make dolls. When I finally get my little felt beaded doll finished; I will post her picture here. We also watched Hillary Clinton's speech at the DNC in Denver. That woman rocks and I could not help thinking that SHE belonged on the podium accepting the nomination for president. I felt that way right up unitl she said are you in this for me or for the struggling? She is correct. I need to support the democratic nominee and get those republicans out of the White House. She is an awesome woman and I am sure we have not heard the last from Hillary Clinton. That thought gives me hope with a capital H.

Back to Lita, we just don't see each other enough but we have made a promise to go to Alaska next summer. Have a great tomorrow, Lois

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