Sunday, July 20, 2008

Phil's Home!

It is amazing to me that the hospitals can perform major surgery and then manage to send you home 7 hours later! We didn't think that Phil would be able to come home as we couldn't get his temperature down. Finally, he was so crabby that the hospital hung another bag of antibiodics on his IV and when it was done sent him home. He actually ate a popsicle and has been sleeping ever since. He has a tube in his body about 3 feet long exiting in a medium size snap on his side. Ick! It is in for 10 days and he is out of commission for all of those days. The doctor, Dimitri, a russian immigrant that only goes by his first name, said he could sit and tube beads only! He said when this is all done and the tube is removed; we can go to a vascular surgeon for the AAA.

Some people do not like our PT hospital but I like the smallness of it, the fact that I know many people there and that I can count several nurses, the anesthesioligist, the cleaning women, the cafeteria ladies and some of the ER staff among my firends and customers. It was so quiet to this non patient, non medic person today. And the views! Looking over the water filled with sailboats and the ferry today was spectacular. A priceless view and surely the best in town.

I am so glad he is home and feeling better. Maybe even I will get some sleep tonight! Grace abounds, Lois

( the stone was huge, we have pictures of it inside him being nearly half the size of my thumb and surprisingly tulip shaped. Beauty in a very weird place. )

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