Saturday, July 19, 2008

Boy! I thought I was stressed then...

It must be in the moons or heavens for me but now Phil is in the hospital with a BIG kidney stone. The good part of this story or the lucky part; is that he had a CT scan that picked up that he has an AAA, an abdominal aortic anueryism. ( spelling? ) It can be fatal but we do not know much about his except that he needs to see a vascular surgeon. evidently it is common in men of a certain age. I do not find that thought comforting. I am on my way back to the hospital to keep him company or rather watch him sleep. Yep, it stresses me. Yep, it worries me. Guardian angels abound though because we would have missed the AAA without that CT scan! Please send my Phil a good thought! ==Lois

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craftyhala said...

I hope he feels better soon. Kidney stones hurt...alot. My Dad had an abdominal aortic aneurysm, but they didn't discover his till he was 82 and it had apparently been there a long time. Here in Bellingham Dad had a wonderful surgeon.
Good luck and the best to you all.