Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Again Safe, Crazy Tired with 1003 things to do

After a relatively quick drive home from Tacoma, we are in the process of tackling all the things that are waiting for us to do. We needto mowthelawnpaintthecathouseunpackthevanpricenewinventorystowtheoldstuffchecktheshopdomailorders...... you get the picture and that list is endless. I never really complain though as I like to be kept busy and thinking.

I met this very interesting and talented woman at Anil Kumar's booth at the PSBF and this necklace she was wearing just knocked me back! It is all 3 dimensional free form peyote stitch and what an art form! It was a masterpiece!

More pictures later but for now just think if you did a piece like this.... Have a great day! Lois

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