Saturday, July 12, 2008

From Tacoma, Washington

Here I am in Tacoma blogging from a strange hotel computer and hearing kids going slightly loud-crazy in the game room next door. I am also writing this or rather typing this on a Dell computer and not my ancient beloved Mac.

I am doing the Puget Sound Bead Festival here and since the show is pretty quiet ( sob! ) I am able to visit with friends and other vendors that I only get to see a few times a year. There is always a silver cloud to every storm.

I am still upset over Michael's last conversation with me but I am making myself a promise that I will try and take a look at his life and see if I can offer him any sage motherly advice on how things could be better. I know that financial troubles can just eat at your soul and muck up your life.

I wonder how amny germy, cruddy fingers have typed on this computer and what strange diseases you can get from grimed up keyboard surfaces? Hmmm... the mind does wander and wonder. Tomorrow I will be home and be able to post a picture or two. Until then, LOis

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