Friday, June 20, 2008

The Solstice

It is 4:07 or so on the morning of the summer solstice and I am awake while the rest of the house is quiet and gently snoring. I am restless and my mind is spinning with all that is meant to be and all that is happening in my life and the world today. I could recount everything that has me awake but then that is just another way of living it again. Suffice it to say tha I have trust in the universe, the great spirit of God,the people who are with me now and the people who have gone before me. I have trust in my body as it rewires itself at this age in my days and trust in those who love and believe in me.

The moon is incredibly full and bright this early morning and the house does not need a single light on for me to see my way from room to room. I like to walk through the house when it is so quiet and still. The birds outside are just beginning to sing.

Happy summer solstice - may summer be all that you want it to be and may the weather Goddess calm things down where there are floods, tornados and other wild, excessive storms around the country.

I am leaving you with some random photos taken around my shop. I am spending lots of time there these days. Good thing I really enjoy being with customers and in what I call my public playground. ( Unlike my private playground, aka, the STUDIO! )
xxoo, Lois

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