Monday, June 16, 2008

I am working on creating an Etsy site so that I can post pictures and maybe sell, my one of a kind jewelry pieces. I worked so hard that it made me feel a bit depressed that I could not get it right all at once. I had to break down and call Andrea. Where would I be without her help on my poor, wretched computer skills? Anyhow, she designed this banner for my etsy site from one of my drawings. I think it is a good way to begin. I like feeling like I am basking in the sun's glow and since the sun is promiently featured here; I am thinking this is good!

A very pretty and warm day here so we went to the beach for a quick eat our sandwiches there- break. Very nice if a bit breezy.

The universe is busy testing my people/employee skills in my shops. I have one employee out for a long while with unexpected surgery, another on a long vacation, one thinking of leaving, one with an injury and one that had a " health episode " for lack of a better word.Thank goodness Cathy P could fill in so competently! Sheesh!!! It is a challenge!

I am going to blank out in front of the TV after I make some more earrings tonight!!! NOW!!!! xxoo, Lois

( That which doesn't kill or maim us; makes us stronger! )

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