Saturday, June 14, 2008


How prophetic! I did not know that when I printed that little poem a day or so ago, how soon it would become true. My sister's partner of 15 years, a man I did not really know except by his deeds heard about through other family members, died suddenly yesterday while at work. Between customers he had a massive heart attack and passed away behind the counter of his tile store. He was all alone, except for his God, and that makes me very sad. A customer finally came in to find him and called 911. Too late. He was gone. Now I am truly sad. Sad for my sister, who will surely miss the man she loved ( I can not imagine how empty his side of the bed must feel or how quiet the house must be ); sad for my mother who truly enjoyed this man and the loss she will feel because " he did everything for me " and sad for Andy's mother who should not have had to outlive her son. Sad for my sister's children who will surely miss his guidance and sad because if I were in any one of their places, I would not know how to move on.

Hug and kiss the ones you love today for we do not ever know what the next five minutes will hold let alone the rest of our days with your loves. Lois

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