Sunday, April 6, 2008

Twenty Six Years Ago ...

On this day twenty six years ago; I gave birth to my oldest son, Michael. I named him with a long distinguished moniker, Michael Ernest James Venarchick Morello and after a difficult few weeks of worry; took my sweet baby home. I am to this day amazed that I could be entrusted with a new human life and not need a license or any specialized training or education. Michael has been a wonderful boy and now a man. He kept me company, made me laugh, worry, cry, rejoice and delight in life and him. Even now that he lives so very far away; I miss him terribly and yet, he still makes me feel all warm, cozy and motherly inside. He is and always will be a joy in my life. My now grown up treasure!

I am adding this photo of Seattle's famous Space Needle for Michael. When he gets home one of these days we are going to head to the top! Happy Birthday Michael!! Love, Mom

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