Monday, April 7, 2008

A Purple Day

These pictures have a theme in common; the color purple. It is our funky lavender flower bed with the bowling ball we found on the beach as an ornament ( who would get so mad at bowling that they would toss the ball into Puget Sound?? ), my beautiful purple vincas which grow along the walkway to my front door without any help from me at all and finally, one of my folkart paintings of english canal flowers that was framed in a small but elaborate gold frame.

We greeted this day with a mad rush to get Jacob to school or rather Phil did as I just snoozed away, only to find out that there was no school today because of a teacher's training day. That just forced Jacob and I to visit Andrea and Whit and have hot dogs at John's hot dog stand downtown. MMM .. jumbo veggie dogs! All this during a brief few hours of sun!! Now if only Jacob would quit bugging me about running off with my ancient IPod! Time for bed! xxoo, Lois

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