Monday, March 10, 2008

Windy Monday

We are having these deep, deep earthquakes some 25 miles underground under the Hood Canal. The scientists who study these things say you can't feel them but I swear I am sensing the earth's movement. I will be still for a moment and then suddenly feel this gentle swirl/swish under my feet. Interesting! The wind is also yowling outside and all the leftover from last summer tall grass is pushed low to the ground. It is a pretty fascinating place that I live in.

The Bellingham Bead Festival was great fun and it was wonderful to meet all my customers and make new ones from up there. It was a fun journey on the temporary ferry too and hey everyone, we HAVE a ferry now!!! You CAN GET HERE!!!

I promise some pictures in the next couple of days and I will try, try,try to do something interesting although honestly, after back to back shows; I just want to sleep! Nighty - nite, Lois

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