Thursday, March 13, 2008

Almost Spring!

Although it was gray and rainy today; I still managed to trim back some of my lavender plants and maybe spark them into spring. I can never bring myself to actually cut stems from my plants in the spring or summer as I like looking at all the lovely blooms on the lavender. I should have worn gloves though as my hands are a bit scratched up but oh, the sacrifices we make for our gardens!

I played all day in the studio with short breaks for housework ( sigh ), laundry ( double sigh ) and paperwork ( extra heavy sigh here ) and managed to get quite a bit of jewelry made for the shop. I will be in the store all day Friday and Saturday. It will feel GOOD to be back in the shop. My shows have kept me out of town for the weekends so I have missed playing in there.

I am posting a not so good picture of my Guadalupe banner I take to shows with me. It is pretty small with quite a bit of bead embellishment and she goes to all my shows with me. I consider her " my girl " and she reminds me to keep the faith and makes me feel protected. I wish you could see the beading details as I added some of my hand dyed lucite beads.I may try another picture one of these days.

Time to move onto the next project. Have a great night. Lois

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