Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What I Have Been WoRkInG On!

I have been experimenting with finishes on some of my silver charms. I like the antique satin finish on these charms although honestly, it came about by accident. Sometimes the best things happen by accident especially in the fine craft or art field. The bracelets are on elastic and are worked in my favorite color pallette of olive, topaz and plum. I wanted to show off the single charm drop. They are out for sale in the shop now. I also painted this locally made concrete crow. I am uncertain if it is a crow or raven but I have a mad love affair with crows. I like him all glossy and black. He is also a piece for sale in the shop and he needs a good home. Two local brothers made him and other concrete pieces. Poor man's marble, I guess!
Off to work at the shop tomorrow where I will play and sell and meet and greet friends and customers. XXXOO, Lois

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