Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aren't These Cool?

Well, I am guessing that these photos turn out alright. Sometimes working with my laptop is like working with a machine from Jupiter! We just don't understand each other. I am an idiot and it just punks out and refuses to work!

Anyhow, these are some drilled fossilized ammonite pendants that I will be taking to the Bead Expo show next week in Portland. They are so fabulous; like little landscape paintings in each piece. Some of them are even opalized in their fossil state. I adore them and they will make such cool necklaces!

I am really tired tonight so I will keep this short. I think that a slow day at the shop makes me even more tired. I think I will hit the hay with a good mountaineering book and a slighly beat up People magazine. Good night - sweet dreams, Lois

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