Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Home! Yippee!

It feels so good to sleep in my own bed but I had the best time and show EVER in TUCSON. The opening day of the show was my best first day of a show ever and Phil and I worked out our " dance " with each other and had a great time with customers. Everyone that stopped by the booth had nice things to say about my work and it was so neat to meet my on line customers in person, face to face. Judy was a trooper at the show and put up with me and enjoyed all those Baggins sandwiches. thank you to all who stopped by, said hello and made my days brighter. New charms are being drawn up even as I write this and a friend, Janet ( Contemporary Glassworks ) gave me the coolest idea for a series of charms.

I forgot to take my camera to Tucson so I am posting pictures of some of the wonderful treasures I purchased for the shops. A trunk show is in the works and my studio is softly calling me!

Another great discovery in Tucson? Advil PM! Wow - does it work for this achey, tired girl! I'll think of all of you as I play with my new found delights! Love, Lois

p.s. Special thanks to Kathy D for the nut free chocolate chip homemade cookies! Yum! And ... kisses to Whit for all the bagels and cream cheese in the mornings and kudos to Andrea for being such a great neighbor with the most beautiful PMC work and lampworked beads I've ever seen. I can hardly wait until next year!

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Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Why thank you Miss Lois! It was fun and a great show wasn't it! And Kathy makes the best cookies ever!!!!! Ava's show totally rocks..... so glad we are there!