Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Glorious Day !

Waking this morning to a layer of frost and thin ice, what we call pancake ice, on all the water puddles; we decided to drive to Sequim and do a little shopping. The sun was out and the temperature quickly rose to 46 degrees so we headed down to the " spit " by the Three Crabs restaurant to look at the birds. We saw two bald eagles fishing, seagulls, brant, geese and lots of ducks. There was even a pot-pie in the water where seals have pushed up the fish to the water's surface and the birds all head there and feast on the fish. They are noisy and ambitious and moving, seeming like clowns on the water. It's a sight to see and while they are eating like this, they even ignore the eagles. It was beautiful on the water! Sunny, a breeze over my right shoulder and a definate chill in the air. The kind of day where all seems right with the world and you are happy to be alive! So what if not much work was done at home, office, studio or shop? Everyone needs a day to play and here in the Northwest when the sun is out, you play!!! I did!! And I am a better woman for it! Love, Lois

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