Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Exhausted these days. Pulled in a thousand different directions as I search for my footing on this spinning globe we call life. Remember, those of us at a certain age, the old Calgon take me away commercials? I get it now. I could use a little take me away time. Freedom from the demands that a business or three make, freedom from household duties, civic responsibilities, all of it. I am not whining. I am not bemoaning my life or what I have made of it. I love what I do. I just feel like I need a quiet afternoon at the movies, or a cup of tea in a quiet far away place with sun and digging birds and couples walking arm in arm. I will find it on the interior side of my soul and there seek refuge in my artwork. A safety net exists there that makes me dream and live in my own little world.

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