Monday, August 17, 2015

I am tired of summer. Feel free to remind me of this if I am caught complaining about the winter. We need rain. Even the rain forest is on fire and deep in my soul, I am on fire too and not a fire that I want. heat and I do not like each other. Weird things happen and I blame it all on summer. It is just too hot.

Phil dropped a piece of the Haitian art on his lower leg today and came into the studio bleeding. His sock was bloody and blood rain down his leg. He, like Jake and the boys in the neighborhood used to do, came to me for healing of his injuries. The only thing I had in the studio for his icky boo boo was hand sanitizer. I told him it was going to sting a bit but I was unprepared for his big yelp when I applied it. I told him between his cries of pain that if it burns, it is killing germs!

I've been taking this day off and working in the studio filling in the empty jewelry displays. I have been so lucky and made so happy by the amount of jewelry that has sold this summer. People are being properly accessorized every where if they have stepped into my shop!

Anyhow, I meant to go to bed at least an hour ago but I had a late night energy surge and worked out in the cooler studio and now my brain does not want to wind down. If it were not for Clementine and her sad brown eyes telling me it is time to go into bed, I might never get there!

I do love the colors of orange and yellow in things and find those colors often in my own artwork. These colors remind me of the good things about summer, like blooming flowers and corn on the cob. I'll leave you with the flower pictures from Chimicum's farm market and finally, finally end this day!

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