Monday, July 13, 2015

So it is summer. Days of intense, surrounding heat have finally given way to some cooler temperatures and a bit of rain. I miss the rain and I can not stop staring at the clouds! Clouds vanish from the sky most summer days and I swear if I lived in New Mexico; I would never stop looking at the sky. Deja vu!

I work a lot in the shop these days and when I am not being all people centered there; I can be found in the studio making the jewelry to fill in the spaces that jewelry has sold from in the shop. I love all the excitement and stories in the air from the people visiting town. It's like a little party every day in a place I like to be - the bead shop!

Cherries are another good thing about summer! I can eat them for every snack and at every meal. I could turn into a cherry for how many I have eaten and lusted after. Tonight's dinner was loaded with fresh vegetables from the Sunday Chimicum farmer's market and the green beans were an absolute delight!

I am leaving you all now for a nice long sleep this night . In closing, here are a few pictures of what is transpiring here.

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