Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It is my last night in Tucson and soon I will be heading off to dreamland. It is the end, maybe temporarily of an era for me. I have been selling in Tucson for 21 years now and I want and need a break! I am planning on taking a year or two off from doing the show down here. I'll still be shopping, playing, touristing and visiting with friends. Can not possibly give that up! I have been craving a break like this. Actually starving for a break like this and with the economy as it is and time becoming more precious and living in the creative wasteland; everything seemed to come together to make that time now. I want to spend more time crafting one of a kind pieces, work more in my shop and be home with Phil, Jake  ( even though he mostly ignores me ) and Clementine. I want to finally plant flowers in the dang pots on the porch!

I have had the best show customers and enjoy each and everyone who stops by my booth. I will be on line. I will be drifting in my own little artist world, where they know me quite well there! XO

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