Monday, January 26, 2015

The last several days here, mostly shrouded in fog, although I hear there has been sun in Seattle; I have had owls fly closely by me. Once while driving and once again while standing in the back yards, I have been delighted with their appearances. Is it a sign of things to come? Are they visiting for a reason? So close yet not close at all. I am thinking about all this and letting them be my little spirit guides.

Still busy in the studio but all the merchandise for Tucson has been packed and shipped. Set up is on Sunday and selling starts on Monday. Whew! Long, hopefully busy days await me! Now it is time to pack my clothing and the all important knitting projects and sketchbook with art supplies. I think I chose these things for a trip much more carefully than I chose clothing or cosmetics! I must have an activity with me at all times that involves the creative half of my brain.
This is a necklace made of new and old beads and hand forged sterling chain.

Happy little bracelets with sterling links.

Celtic crosses I cast in bronzes.

Sterling silver crosses & crucifixes.
My JOY charm in pewter.

This is a collection of some of the finished work that will be in my booth at the gem show in Tucson where I also hope to find some sun and time to sit out in the dessert and knit by a swimming pool. 

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Cindy Pack said...

Beautiful Jewelry! I just love the little joy charms too!