Thursday, January 1, 2015

It is always just after Christmas is over, and New Year's Day is upon us; that I decide I am ready for the holiday. I want to start at that late date to get things ready. Ideas pop into my head and I think. " Yay, Christmas! Time to decorate. " I think my interior calendar is just a bit off!

Anyhow, I vow that this year I will make more time for my own projects. Things I want to experiment with and things I want to finish. I have all manner of jewelry and metal smithing work just waiting for me to have time to get to it. I am doing it in 2015!

Thank you my friends for the love you have shown me, the trust you put into me as a retailer, the creativity you have that so inspires me and most of all for the friendship shown me. I am ever so grateful and ever so happy! Happy New Year all!

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