Sunday, September 14, 2014

Today is my youngest son's 18th birthday and I have a few words to offer him. I do not want to bore or compound him with life's lessons, lessons I have learned, lost and won again but lessons that he can maybe, just remember in his young adult brain.
1. Be good - It is as simple as that. Just be good. You know the laws. Follow and obey them. Stay out of trouble because I can not think of a more boring and useless way to spend your life than behind bars.Stand up to injustice. Support causes you believe in. Love your fellow man and woman. Do good. Be helpful. Support charity. Look for the reason behind someone's behavior. Love your family and help them out whenever called upon. Feel good about yourself and know that you are a divine creature created by a power much bigger than yourself and put here in this time and place to do good, be good, love good, live good.( p.s. Love your mother earth too, she is the only one we all have. )
 wanted to post this on my blog but in the month since I last posted, everything has changed ( thank you Google ) and I can not even open my blog let alone post. So here is what I am thinking early on this Sunday morning, September 14th with the neighbor's rooster beginning his day long crowing now:
2. Be kind - Kind to your friends. Kind to your family, small children, big children, pets, animals, your fellow citizens. Small acts of kindness, a kind word, a greeting a helping hand - go a long way. Being kind will make you feel good and that goodness is something you should crave.
3, Be truthful - You are only as good as your word. caught in a tangle of deceit and lies and your integrity and your very soul is gone. You have one life, one word, one truth. Know it. Speak it. Live it.
4. Be free - All of the above conspires to give you a good life. One free to be who you are, one free to become who you want to be. Life is about choices, Take this path or that path and know that you will be free if you just follow your heart.
And finally, a special word here - don't be in a hurry to grow up. Remember the wonder of your childhood when everything was new and astounding and keep that wonder so very close to your heart. Never lose it. Delight in a good sunrise, a beautiful flower, a fine meal, a friendship. Life is a wondrous and brief thing, don't miss a moment of it. I love you. Now, go make the world a better place simply because you are living, loving, sharing and caring.

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