Saturday, June 1, 2013

I have heard rumors of there being northern lights in the sky tonight. Absent light pollution, just maybe, I will see that incredible blue green band of shimmering curtains in the sky. I would so love to see them!

Things have shipped off the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee and soon, I will ship off, too. This is likely my last year at B&B. Sales are slower, there are changes in how the show is structured and I am getting older and just want to stay home. I love seeing everyone but the stress of putting it all together is getting to me. I think truthfully, my studio calls to me and I want to spend more time in there painting and making jewelry. My shop, a person all on its own, an at once demanding and loving child, also would like me to be home more often, too.

It is a thrill though to read about the show on line. To see all the people excited that they are attending the show, taking classes, meeting new friends, shopping, and listening to all the beads have to say to them. Inspiration is at every corner.

I am making this journey one more time. Once more to play at what I have always thought of as bead mecca then .... we will just have to see what the future will hold.

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Linda said...

Maybe in the future you could go occasionally, shop for beads and hang out with friends, but not be stressed out by being a vendor.