Monday, April 29, 2013

I am one of those people who does not like to get up early in the morning and leap about getting the day begun. I need my slow- to- awake- mornings, lingering in bed over breakfast and a television show. I like to slowly come alive and begin thinking about what the day holds. I'll get up early and enjoy a day that has a quick, early start but it is definitely not my choice. Sundays are even lazier for me because the local paper is thrown into the mix and of course, it has to be read before I get up. Time is so sweet that I hate to rush a new day into reality. I always have a gazillion things to do but amazingly enough, all those things wait for me to get to them. Nothing starts on its own. Everything in my little Lois world waits for me. I keep wishing I had little elfin fairies around to do things for me but I don't. My life waits for me in the morning like a cat curled at my feet; she will  sleep until the creative adrenaline begins its coursing journey through my very soul.

In a turquoise mood yesterday. These will join all the new beads in the Turquoise case
in the lobby right below the lapis and around the corner from the amber.

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Linda said...

I'm a slow starter, too. The world doesn't sync well with us slow starters, but we still get things done--just on a different time schedule.