Monday, December 3, 2012

It is raining again outside and I can hear the thump pit patter of the water coming down the rainspout by the dining room window. The sound is at once a comfort and annoying. It can interrupt my thought process and distract me when I am drawing here in my comfy chair adjoining the dining room. I love to sleep to the sound of the rain. Last night's sleep was especially wonderful as we had soft new flannel sheets on the bed and newly fluffed pillows. All princess like, I slept very well.

The slowly dying and collapsing old ferry dock.

The old cannery building and walkway to the wave viewing gallery.

Looking over Pope Marine park to the Maritime Center.
Yesterday during a very quick sun break I strolled around downtown and had a few moments to myself. I took pictures around the wave viewing gallery and once again found my mind heading off into the clouds as I try and figure out a way to draw the water in both my paintings and on my charms. I am close to interpreting the water and its movement. Soon. Eyes are wide open but slowly shutting and I am approaching a sleep dream state. Good night.

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