Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The bandages are off my finger and I have managed to not only work the bead show, but spend a bit of time in the studio ( mostly making lists of what I want to do ) and an evening or two in the shop merchandising, displaying and making more to do lists.

I was moving along at a great pace tonight in the shop setting things up for Girls Night Out tomorrow which actually occurs all day, go figure, when I moved a display cube and whacked my wounded finger. I mean I whacked it but good. The kind of whack where you see stars and head into blackness. All I could think to do after shouting out the initial cuss word was revert to my old lamaze breathing. Now, how long is that memory and technique going to hang around in my life? I mean to say that my youngest child is sixteen after all, and you would think that those childbirth " techniques " which I huffed and puffed my way through all those years ago would be gone, faded away but no, in times of bad pain, the breathing comes right back around. After I returned to this world and full conscience-ness,   I laughed at the memory, glad that those years of childbearing are thankfully a long way behind me!

The moon is 85% full tonight and so bright and glorious in our night sky as to steal one's breath away. Without all our rain and clouds, which I miss by the way, we can see the moon! The sky looks like a movie scene and the tree's silhouettes a character actor in a story. What beauty and mystery hangs so deeply in the sky.

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