Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is the journey of my finger and its surgery. I was scared witless of course, all medical procedures scare me and make me imagine the worse. Anyhow, the surgeon, Dr. Olch, the anesthesiologist, Dr. Lamb and the nurses were amazing! Knowledgeable, friendly, kind even allowing Phil to stay with me right up to the operating room. I spent most of yesterday sleeping and today, I alternated between sleeping and being bored. I have never had time when I could not draw, bead, knit, silversmith. I am idle. I can barely type, which is not surprising since I could not type before but of the three fingers I could use, now I can only use two. Life's little lessons come quietly in small doses and I am lucky I feel better, there is a chipmunk in the tree outside my bedroom window, Daisy and Jesse were content to lay about with me and there is plenty of nonsense to watch on the idiot box. Here, then are a few pics of my journey.....
Outside the hand clinic are the leftover remains of the old growth forest
that used to be Silverdale.

Owie - IV in.

Dr. Olch and his artwork on my finger.

Dr. Lamb who sent me off to lala land. 

Afterwards. Animal crackers and loopy Lois.

On October 1st, we can remove the bandages. I wonder if I will have the finger of a 25 year old again. ...

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