Thursday, September 20, 2012

I have worked exceptionally hard this summer. Long days in the shop and when not there; working in the studio creating much of the inventory that I sell in the shop. I have enjoyed nearly every moment of this time. I love talking to people, greeting customers, displaying merchandise and creating an atmosphere that I would want to invite people into all day. Today, finally, almost a whole day off! I stayed out of the shop until after closing and then went to work making new displays with some of the most exciting beads and jewelry of the season! Wait, I am not writing here to talk of shop work! I am writing to be able to post the pictures I took today of our drive around Sequim. What a gorgeous day to be out and about. Heavy fog this morning giving way to wonderfully clear, warm afternoon skies. Here then are some pictures of my brief, ever so brief holiday!
A large weird flower growing in the lavender plant.

Sequim Bay.

The remains of an old dock.

The dock had lots of bird visitors.

Looking down the road from the Old Three Crabs restaurant.

Do you see the large Heron on the log in this wetlands shot?


A tributary feeding into the estuary.

A driftwood still life.

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