Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The moon is full and bright out tonight and I am sitting back, feeling pleased with what was accomplished in the studio. I also took some time out today, just for me and read our weekly newspaper through. ( Well, it was a whole hour to read so it was a break of sorts just for me. ) Life journeys and lessons come in so many forms, surprising, revealing with unexpected consequences. I have been allowing my mind to roam in the quiet of the studio without music or television and I have found a surprise in my journey.

A couple of years ago I wrote about the end of a long, long friendship. I was sad it had ended and could not see what could possibly come out of this abrupt, miserable ending but now, a couple of years on the other side and I see a brightness that was not there before, a completeness that was perhaps missing while I was in the midst of this friendship. I am closer now to my husband. We are sharing more, talking more and our friendship has deepened. Not having this female companion to fall back on has made my marriage richer.

I have also learned that what broke up this friendship was personal, between my friend and me. There were people who took sides. I never wanted someone to take a side, did not encourage it and indeed, when I said goodbye to this person and wished them well, I meant it. I just figured things would go on much as before and the only change would be that this particular friendship was ended and had run its course. Surprise. People left me, un-friended me, and went away. Each act was not exactly painful but like a scratch to the skin. A quick, sharp pain that lingered for a bit. Once again a couple of years later and I find that I treasure the people and friends in my life more than I ever thought possible and surprisingly, I don't miss these people. Perhaps it is the wisdom with being older, maybe the realization that life does not go on and on, the thought that all this could change and end on a nano second's notice. Whatever brought me here left much in it's wake and I am grateful.

You see, I have come out the other side of this journey, stronger, smarter. Happier, richer, more in love with all that is in my life today. Sometimes a journey is just that, a trip to the center of your being, a lesson in life, a passage to adulthood's wisdom. Life is a journey and a the trip is good.

Glass jewelry focal pieces made today.

Vintage lucite bracelets crafted for the shop.

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