Friday, August 31, 2012

A beautiful full blue moon hangs in the sky this late evening and I can not keep myself in the house for want of going outdoors and dancing in its' light. I think this moon has had a lot of pull and influence on many of us this month. On this night the glow seems special, almost surreal and I am being magnetically, magically pulled towards it.

We have finished the driest August ever here in Port Townsend, no rain this entire month. I am missing it, wanting it, needing it. Everything feels dry and tight, brittle, brown. When the rain returns, just like this blue moon, I will be dancing in  it.

MY current sock knitting project.

My front porch frog has returned!


Old ancient Jesse girl.
Now that the temperatures are not ( hopefully ) reaching the too hot 80's or higher, a burst of energy has come upon me and I had a fabulously busy studio day yesterday. It was an unexpected day at home and I was so glad Phil worked for me. Lita drove all the way over from Ellensburg for a quick visit and I felt an explosion of energy. It was like I radiated creativity from all my pores! I even took some time to paint on a canvas I began much earlier this year. Hurrah! I am more me.

So as this last holiday weekend of the summer begins, I long for fall and all the flavor it brings to life. See you around the studio and shops in the next few days!

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